Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where Can I Serve

I have been thinking a lot about service lately, and what I can do more in my life to serve. Sometimes when we think of service, we think of something big and bold that we can do that can very obviously help someone. Sometimes opportunities like this might arise in life, but for the most part service is something different.

I think I learned how to put this in words a couple of Sundays ago. We had a youth speaker that spoke on service. He had been having the same thoughts. He wanted to serve, but wasn't sure how. Then he had some words come into his mind. They said to him "Service is a state of mind."

If you think about that it says a lot. Our mind needs to always be ready to serve. We constantly have opportunities to serve. Most might not think of them.

Our families give us constant opportunities. I can definitly be less selfish at home. I could go more. Whether it is dishes, picking up, or reading to my kids. Not to say that I don't do these, but I could be more willing to...especially the dishes. There are many things at home I could do better. I could be better outside of home too. Sometimes I could be more willing to volunteer my time. There are always opportunities, but sometimes life just gets in the way. It wouldn't get in the way if I made it more of a priority.

And as our attitudes that we develope become more Christ like, then we will naturally better see the needs of our fellow man. We will be more apt to listen to that still small voice and heed it's suggestions.