Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama Update

The Obama administration just can't seem to stop spending money. It is hard for me to understand how anybody can back this President and be informed at the same time. Now 41 cents out of every dollar that our federal government spends is borrowed. This is unsustainable.

Call me out and tell me where I am wrong, but the way that I see a financial crisis like this is much different than Obama sees it. When I have cash flow issues, I pull in. I don't buy that soda, my kids might not get that toy, I won't make that drive. I try to live cheaper, so that my paycheck will go further. Obama has a completely different approach. He spends more. He bails out corporations that made bad business decisions, he creates new gigantic social programs, he creates a larger federal governments, and he passes legislation that will make running businesses in America more expensive. What the government needs to do is pull back to help create long term sustainable jobs in our economy. When the government grows, it hurts business. When it shrinks it helps businesses. Without a doubt, taxes are going to have to be raised to take care of everything that Obama has done. Wait until the November elections to see the reality of this.