Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joy in My Kids

Daily Morning Snuggle Time

Still learning to drink from a hose

What a great Big Brother

She is getting really good at ripping books apart

That Toad Tickles

It sure is fun being a Father.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rant of the Day

I love this country and what it stands for. I tell my kids how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads, food on the tables, a bed to sleep in, and most of all freedom. We have so much freedom. We have the freedom to be whatever we want. I believe that this country gives us the opportunities to be whomever we want. We are here in this life to live, learn, and grow. We just have to put forth the effort to learn and grow.

There are so many Americans that have forgotten the effort side of growth. Can this be partly to blame for the current economic crisis in America? Many of the borrowers were more motivated by the big house with the big payment, than the smaller house well within their means. Many Americans don't want to put the time in to save for that big house. Average American credit card debt is $8,000. Doesn't that seem crazy? Is it because Americans are struggling and they are using their credit card to live? Or more likely, Is it because they just not do without the latest gadget, style, or accessory that comes on the market? What ever happened to saving for the nice things in life? If you want a new car, save. If you want a Wii, save. Americans have become a "got to have it now" society. This is what has created so much debt. Kids get out of college and want to live how their parents lived. Cable/Sat TV is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. 62% of people that live in poverty pay for cable/Sat tv. Where are American's priorities? Why can't American's be gracious for what we have? Instead of being gracious it seems that Americans just want more. Where is the sense of responsibility? Why is it someone elses fault when something is purchased, but can't be afforded?

I hope that I can teach my kids to appreciate what they have. I hope that they know that "stuff" will not bring them happiness. I hope that I can teach them proper goals to strive for, and when they have those goals,....I hope that my children will have the opportunity to struggle for those goals. That way, when that goal is reached it will be appreciated more. I hope that I can teach them to fail with honor. Failure is an important part of learning. When we fail we learn. If we pick ourselves up when we fail and try again, then we gain invaluable experience. Life is not supposed to be easy. Life is supposed to be filled with trials. We have a Heavenly Father that can guide us through any of our trials. I hope most of all to teach them to rely on him. His guidance will always bring us peace and comfort.