Thursday, March 12, 2009

Church Blessings

I have been feeling very lucky to be LDS lately. I have thought about all of the joy that it brings in life. There are so many ways this church blessed my life.

One inparticular one comes to mind....I got to hear Calan say the best prayer for dinner the other night. He never has a problem saying a prayer for dinner, but this one was really special. We had family over. When it was time to pray he said..." I would like to say this one." He started praying and you could tell he wasn't just repeating things that he had heard us say, or things he had said before. He was really praying. After he said A-men we all looked at him thinking the same thing. I was very proud of him. This little 5 year brought the spirit into our home that night.

I read a quote from Gordon Hinkley once that went something like "The greatest joy a man can have in life is to see his children grow up to be rightous and responsible adults."

I can understand this. I feel humbled by the task of being the father that I should be. Hopefully when they get older they will remember me as a good dad..and not remember some of the times that I was much less than a perfect father.