Thursday, June 11, 2009

Connecticut on Catholic Petitions

Here is an article about a Catholic Diocese in Connecticut that bused a group of it parishioners to a rally in Hartford to protest a bill. They then urged their parishioners to contact lawmakers about the same bill and another bill about same sex marriage. Now the state of Connecticut is investigating the Diocese actions, claiming that the organization is a lobbying group........???

What?...Is this confusing to anybody else? Are we as religious individuals just supposed to sit on the sidelines and watch? The whole purpose of the Church and State Rules was to keep government out of the churches. This way they would have have the right to express themselves and their views without government repercussions. This constitutional amendment was established because the ruling government (which at the time was a religion) was persecuting those who believed differently. There is a reason why the Founding Fathers chose this as the 1st amendment. It was that important.

Here we have a Connecticut law that is a loophole for striping a religious group's first amendment right to "petition the government" on issues that it holds dear.

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